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Who is Bed & Roses?

 Bed & Roses Property is a property rental agency, specializing in luxury-standard apartments. Our business caters to clients from around the world, renting for business purposes or for temporary stays. Our standard rental period may last anywhere from a few days to more than a year.

Our agency showcases an array of 30 luxury apartments, dispersed throughout the beautiful city of Paris, located in excellent neighborhoods next to landmarks, and famous “quartiers”. Our official office is located at 8 Rue du Boccador 75008.

Official documentation for Bed & Roses Property can be found under the « carte professionnelle T 15609 – Carte G 6291 » distributed by the Préfecture de Police de Paris. Other information can be found under the SAS au Capital de 5000 euros – RCS N° 801 399 734 Paris. Garantie Financière et RCP GALIAN N° 46661 T

 Offered Services ?

Bed & Roses Property is an all-inclusive company. Our rental agreements are « non-exclusive » giving you all liberties with your properties, and access to your residence even during the agreed period. Other services include home-development consultation and decoration consultation to improve the presentation of your property. We are available at any time to guide you through your rights as a property owner as well as the standard procedures for guest welcoming and property maintenance. Please feel free to contact us at +33 6 14 22 09 38 for more information, or to schedule a visit for an estimation of your property.

As soon as your apartment is ready to accommodate guests, we will facilitate the creation of a professional photo portfolio of your residence, free of charge. With Bed & Roses Property, we handle everything with your guests : guest screening, guest scheduling, safety deposit collection and return, rental contracts, maintenance and cleaning with each stay. The rental payment is credited directly to your bank account.

We also coordinate a property assessment before and after each guest (to assure that all of your belongings remain intact during the rental period). For your convenience, our agency handles all check-ins, check-outs, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning of the apartment as well as a cleaning service after the stay of each guest. Also featured with our organization are various other services such as : concierge, activity coordination, chauffeur service, catering and floral services. Benefits of Renting with Bed & Roses Property : -a profitable option for leasing your apartment -a stress-free, worry-free short-term or long-term rental process -continual maintenance of your property -potential tax advantages -flexibility in the rental contract -30% more profit on your rental compared to most other short-term rental options -availability of your apartment, at your convenience.

 Our Qualifications ?

Bed & Roses Property is a real-estate agency, with official documentation and registration as a rental and property management organization in the country of France. We are therefore equipped with all necessary licensing and resources to adequately manage your property. We are specialists that understand the short and long-term rental market, as well as the needs of our property owners. We offer an excellent management service, as well as a top-tier clientele. Maintaining an excellent image in the local Paris community, our services bring you a profitable business opportunity, without any stress of client coordination.

Procedural services provided for guests :

-the social media marketing of your apartment for both high and low season rentals

-inventory assessment and complete cleaning service offered before and after each client

-welcome and pre-departure consultation with each client

-property assessment before and after each rental

-facilitation of all payments made on behalf of the clients -management of security deposits, and replacement of any damaged equipment

-complete care and facilitation of clients during their stay. Within the ever-expanding luxury-rental market, we have chosen to cater exclusively to the top-tier clients and luxury rental properties in the city of Paris.

For the best management possible in the realm of luxury real-estate, we pride ourselves in being close to all property owners and guests. We pride ourselves in having a quick and efficient response rate both with our property owners and clients. We offer a perfect combination of knowledge of the rental market of Paris and France, and seasoned experience in procurement and management of clients. Your choice with us is not only a choice of quality, and top-tier clients but also of a team you can trust, endorsed by our past and current property owners.

No matter what your apartment may need : renovations, decorations or simply clients to start your rental process, contact us to begin finding the right solution for you. We take care of your apartment as though it was ours and we are ready to invest with you to bring you the highest return on your property possible. We look forward to making your short-term rental the easiest and most profitable experience you could have.

What is Required from you?

– an official rental contract drafted and signed after an official consultation

– a property-management agreement will signed by both parties dictating the procedures for rental management.

– an official inventory of your property will be recorded (furniture and appliances provided with the apartment), and suggestions made to better facilitate guests

– a minimum of 3 sets of keys for each property will be required

– permission and restrictions will be defined in the marketing of your property across multiple social media platforms such as : our website and our partnering websites, as well as pinterest, facebook, twitter, youtube…etc

– your respective bank information will be communicated with the agency.

– your personal contact information will be also communicated with the agency, in case of emergency or property damage.

Pricing Explanation

Bed & Roses Property offers you a wide selection of pricing, while still catering to competitive market prices for our clients.

Short-Term Rental

A Short-Term rental qualifies any rental between the period of 2 nights to 90 nights (3 months) in a residence. The final cost of the stay is calculated based on the amount of rights reserved in the residence. With Bed & Roses Property, the earlier our clients reserve in advance, the less they will pay. This gives you the flexibility and convenience of being able to organize your calendar in advance.

Not included in the initial expense table :

– The official « taxes de séjours obligatoires » or french property taxes (2 euros per night per guest)

– The additional services offered to our clients, at their request typically upon arrival

– Additional charges, mentioned in our rental-agreement contract : early check in, late arrival, additional cleaning fees etc…

– Booking fees and other fees collected by Bed & Roses Property.

Listed expenses include all taxes and consumer costs related to the apartment such as :

– Taxes affiliated with the apartment

– Agency Commission – water/gas & electricity bills

– Laundry Maintenance of all in-house linens – internet and Television provisional contract

– Expenses incurred for telephone assistance of clients during their stay

– Daily cleaning expenses for the arrival and departure days of the client

The prices incurred per night for each apartment is independent of the number of people inhabiting the apartment : For instance a 4 person apartment, being 2 or 4 people, the price remains the same and is calculated based on the amount of accommodations available for each person.

The definition of a mid-term apartment rental, and Long-term apartment rentals are stays that exceed 3 months.

Official Pricing Includes :

– rental cost

– television and Internet subscription

– our 24/7 assistance for all needs during the client’s stay

– any needed towels or linens needed for the residence

Not-Included in the price :

– water, gas, electric and telephone bill,

– Bed & Roses Property (long-term rental organization) commission

– weekly cleaning (at your personal request 20€ TTC/ hour)

Agency Commissions 

The Bed & Roses Agency Commission is calculated based on the following factors :

– short term rental of less than 3 months= between 25-35 % of total rent paid by client

– mid-term rental between 3-6 months= 18% percent of total rent paid by client

– long-term rental more than 8 month-12months= 12% total rent paid by client

– more than 1 year= 10% of total rent paid by client

After the date of arrival of each client, the agency commission stays constant to the dates agreed to before the beginning of the rental term, in case of reduction due to a change in client requests.